Website Maintenance – Do I have to?

Red Funnel And Quarts Of Motor Oil On WhiteI hope you’re having a great week! I know that no one wants to talk about maintenance – it’s not fun or flashy! No one loves taking their car to get an oil change. You don’t get any new features, you just get the same car back, usually with dirty floor mats. But there have been some very important WordPress updates that have been released over the last couple of weeks and we want to make sure you are aware of them. We’ve cleaned up several sites that were infected because of outdated software which cost the business owners $300-$600 to fix the site plus the lost business from the site being down. So knowing this, you probably have some questions:

Why would someone hack my small business site? I don’t have any government secrets!
The most frequent types of attacks aren’t directed at a specific site or business. They attack all sites with hopes of finding the weakest ones to break into. They could use your site to stage other bigger attacks (so it can’t be traced back to them) or they could use your site to distribute their malware programs to other people’s computers.

What happens if my site is infected?
Many different things can happen – your site could go offline or look broken. In other cases, your site could look perfectly fine but if it is infected, it can spread the infection to your computer and the prospects and clients that are visiting your site.

How much does it cost to clean a site?
It depends on what is wrong with the site, but it can cost $400-$600. Just like your car, ongoing, consistent maintenance is always cheaper than emergency repairs.

Can I update the site myself?
Yes, the nice thing about WordPress is that you have the option to maintain it yourself! But, use caution! Most of the time the updates should work fine but occasionally they can cause conflicts that will cause your site not to function properly. ALWAYS back up your site before updating and make sure you know how to restore the site if sometime goes wrong. If you want to learn how to update your site, contact us to schedule a training.

Can you take care of it for me?
Yes! We can do one-time updates or you can sign up for a monthly maintenance plan that will keep your site updated. See below for the details on these plans.

Ready to update?

Click here to fill out the WordPress Website Update Form or give us a call at 858-220-7478.

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